Perfection: Graphite & Gold

My little helper!

Lately I am all about Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk Paint and gold spray paint!  It makes for the classiest looking dressers!

I bought this trashy dresser at an estate sale for $10 and knew exactly what I was going to do with it when I got it home!  Of course my husband just rolled his eyes and said “that thing is junk!”IMG_0798

I couldn’t wait to get it home!  When we got home, my husband did some repairs on the bottoms of the drawers.  He loves fixing the drawers!


While he worked on the bottoms of the drawers, I pulled off all the hardware and spray painted it gold.  I took the handles apart so I could get the entire piece. I also took off all the gold pieces on the corners and center to give them a fresh coat as well. I gave them two coats.  They looked gorgeous!

Side note — little tables like this (where the handles were painted) make for great spray painting areas!  They have plenty of ventilation and when I am finished, I spray paint them back to white!


I used two coats of Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint on the dresser. I also clear waxed it.  This didn’t need or want to be distressed — it looks too good just like this!


The wood on this dresser is super heavy and the upcycle looks amazing!  I can’t wait to bring it inside and style it up with some amazing accessories!


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Why Travel, Cooking and DIY? A creative type, I have always loved painting and decorating as a hobby. Upcycling is a real passion. My mom was a Home Ec teacher when we were growing up. I learned a lot from her and because I love hosting get-togethers, I had to step up my game in the kitchen as well. And lastly, my love of travel comes from my Grandma Schmitt.

An Illinois native, I worked in the White House Communications Agency early in my career (President Reagan), prior to returning to Illinois State University to finish my undergraduate and Master's. After a couple of post-graduate internships (minor league baseball and Big Ten Conference), I then worked in college athletics full-time for more than 22 years -- first at the University of South Carolina for 15 years and then at Santa Clara University for the last seven years. We moved to Tampa, Florida in Dec., 2016 after spending 8.5 years in Northern California.

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